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Overall: 4
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 4+

From the same makers of Bone Feed and Hand Feed, two apps that present RSS text feeds, this app is the cool older brother than instead summarizes and presents audio feeds (podcasts) and video feesd (vodcasts) from the most popular orthopaedic sources.  This includes JBJS Am, JBJS Br, AOSSM, Brit J Sp Med, HSS Ortho and others.  The app allows you to stream high-quality video and audio directly to your device with a nearly non-existent lag or delay, depending on your internet connection speed.  Functionally, this app is limited by the fact that podcasts usually require you to insert headphones to adequately listen to the presentation; however the fact that you can stream orthopaedic video directly to your device is certainly going to “wow” your colleagues.

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