Google Translate

Sep 26, 2011   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps, Android Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, Free, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Patients, Top, Utilities  //  Comments Off on Google Translate

Overall: 5
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 5+

Leave it to Google to creat one of the most creative, useful, and free apps available.  This app does everything you would expect from a translator: 1) It allows the user to speak into the phone and it performs voice-recognition and converts the speech to text, 2) It then translates the text into one of over 40 languages and displays the translation on the screen in the native alphabet, and 3) For many of the languages it can then speak the translated phrase back to the patient!  If this is not impressive technology, I don’t know what is.  In addition to the ingenious functionality, the app runs very fast, the dictation function is accurate, and I have yet to encounter a language that I need but do not have available.  For anyone who works in a hospital with an international patient population but where translators are not always readily available, this app is certainly one of the coolest and most useful I have ever encountered.

Cost: Free
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