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Calculator for predicting height and bone length in children.

Overall: 4
Functionality: 4+
Coolness: 3+

Designed to help surgeons predict leg-length discrepancies at maturity, this app has expanded the use of Paley’s Multiplier tables to allow for the prediction of height, upper extremity length, and timing of epiphysiodesis.  The app itself is published by Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and includes a variety of references from their institution.  In addition to an intuitive user interface, there are useful resources including a complete multiplier table as well as the Elbow Scoring System to determine skeletal age.  The app also includes additional information such as AP and lateral foot measurements, as well as diagrams for measuring limb alignment. Overall, the app is certainly a requirement for any medical student, resident, fellow, or attending working with pediatric orthopaedic patients.

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