Mobile Coder Orthopedics

Sep 28, 2011   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, General Ortho, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Products, Reference, Subscription  //  Comments Off on Mobile Coder Orthopedics

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 4+
Coolness: 3

This is a useful coding app designed specifically for orthopaedic surgeons.  The taskbar is organized into four sections.  The “patients” tab allows the user to add patient records and includes information such as facility, date/time, patient info, assistant, and comments.  That record can then be associated with the second section: CPT.  CPT codes are organized by body region and separated by the usual CPT categories.  A search function is available, and the user can identify favorite codes to save time during future entires.  The codes themselves include options to include modifiers and the interface is easy to navigate.  The third tab is a patient history section, and the fourth tab is a configuration tab where the user can enter facilities and surgical assistants.  The program includes help alerts for every screen that are initially informative, but must be turned off in the configuration tab because they quickly become bothersome.  Overall, the app is one of many coding apps available and will appeal to many surgeons, however there does not appear to be support for ICD-9 codes if that is an important feature to you.

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