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Overall: 3
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 3

This app is essentially a very clear and well-designed product guide for Breg, Inc.; maker of orthopedic braces.  The interface is visual and can be helpful to both physicians and patients looking to explore their catalog and purchase their products.  The user is first prompted to select a body region and is then presented with images and descriptions of their available products with additional information and high-resolutions available to read and view.  Each page provides the opportunity for “more information” which connects you with a Breg representative, provides a brochure, or directs you to a product page.  The app has additional resources including links to various orthopaedic websites and an FAQ section with questions, answers, and explanations about common orthopaedic conditions.  For a surgeon or a patient who is looking to have more information at their fingertips about Breg products, this app is very well made and can be quite useful.

 Cost: Free
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