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Overall: 4+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 5

SugarSync is actually a cloud-based data back-up service that includes the use of their free apps.  But, because most surgeons are probably under-protected with regard to the security of their digital data, I strongly advocate the use of some type of auto-backup service, such as SugarSync or one of its competitors.  After paying for a subscription and installing the program onto as many computers as you would like, SugarSync will automatically back up your data in real-time both to the cloud, as well as between computers.  For example, in my home I sync my two laptops so that the data between my “home” computer and my “work” computer are always matched.  Then, I also sync specific folders (such as photos) between my computers and my wife’s computer.  Copying/transferring files with flash drives and emailing document versions have become obsolete.  Lastly, because I have the app installed on my phone and my iPad, I can access any file from anywhere, any time.  That includes photos, documents, or reading material and includes the ability to email the files directly to a colleague.  The price is competitive, and the functionality has redefined the way I manage my data.  For more information, see my FAQ section.

 Cost: Free app with subscription service.
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