DrawMD Orthopedics

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Overall: 4+
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 4+

Part of the DrawMD line of apps, these developers have created a novel platform for teaching patients about their medical conditions.  The app is essentially a “scratch pad” for showing patients their disease, demonstrating surgical techniques, and explaining anatomy.  The advantage of the Orthopedics version is that in addition to being able to use a patient’s xrays as your background, the app comes pre-loaded with orthopaedic body parts and orthopaedic “stamps.”  For example, the current version includes images of the knee, shoulder, hip, hands, feet, ankles, forearm, etc.,  as well as stamps that demonstrate cartilage, fractures, plates, screws, and arthroplasty implants (and many more).  The user can mark the image with a pen and make text comments as well.  Once complete, the image can be saved or emailed to a patient with your office information.  This app is a free and novel way to teach patients about their pathology and treatment options in a visual format.

Cost: Free
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