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Overall: 4
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 2+

This app does exactly what it advertises: it organizes and defines medical eponyms based on specialty.  The user can view all eponyms, or you can choose to sort by topic.  Orthopedics has its own heading with about 150 common eponyms for diseases, fractures, signs, and clinical exam tests.  This app may not be particularly useful to a orthopaedic provider, however for a medical student rotating on an orthopaedic service, this can be a very handy reference guide.  Explanations are very short and do not provide much detail.  However, there is a good search feature that searches the eponym title, as well as its description.  For example, searching for “supra” returns the Hawkin’s sign because the definition notes that it tests for supraspinatus tendon impingement.  The user can also mark eponyms as “favorites.”  When not limiting the search to orthopedics, the app has over 1700 eponyms!  While not the most useful to residents or surgeons, this app would be very useful to medical students or interns.

Cost: Free (for students) or $1.99
Download Eponyms Here