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Overall: 4+
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 5

This app is created by Stryker and is an impressive patient education tool with regard to the two advertised devices: a total knee and a total hip arthroplasty.  What makes this app unique, however, is the integration of computer animation, video, and audio that includes a highly realistic anatomical model with the options to select anatomic structures and make them transparent or hide them during the demonstration.  This is truly the future of medicine.  For example, you might show a patient hip motion after a total hip arthroplasty procedure, and during the video the user can “hide” any overlying muscles or bones to reveal the implant, or you can add them back one-by-one to demonstrate the relative anatomy.  Overall, this app should be downloaded for the coolness factor alone.  It would make a great resource for a waiting room, but of course this is probably most useful to surgeons using Stryker’s products.

Download inMotion Here