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Overall: 2+
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 2

This app was designed by physicians for providers treating lower limb injuries in the UK.  The app has 7 sections: patients, standards-1, standards-2, arterial supply, surface markings, fasciotomies, and pinning of tibia.  The first three sections describe which patients these guidelines apply to, and the “standards” section essentially lists the guidelines that should be performed for these types of patients.  The next 4 sections provide visual aids to inform the reader of the relevant anatomy in regards to the arterial supply, surface landmarks of the leg, cross-section of the leg for fasciotomies, and safe locations for ex-fix pin placement using cross-sectional slices.  Overall, the information presented is very brief yet can serve as a quick refresher for a trainee or surgeon already familiar with the procedure(s).  However, this app does not provide enough information for a student to learn much about the treatment of acute leg trauma.  This small app has valuable information but only at a superficial level and is therefore ideal as a quick reference in only very specific situations.

Cost: Free
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