Stryker IVS

Oct 16, 2011   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, Free, iPhone Apps, Patients, Products, Spine  //  Comments Off on Stryker IVS

Overall: 4
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 4

Similar to other product- and device-driven applications, Stryker IVS provides information for about Stryker’s line of spine surgery products.  The app is divided into 4 sections: procedures, products, physicians, and sharing.  One unique aspect to this app is that it appears to be aimed for both surgeons and patients.  For example, under the procedures and products sections, there are brief descriptions of the disease or procedure (disc decompression, for example) followed by resources such as videos, images, and documents geared towards both patient education (simplified animated media) as well as surgeon education (product guides and specifications).  Of course, Stryker products are presented adjacent to the pathologies they are intended to treat.  The photos and videos are informative and can help patients understand their disease.  The third section, physicians, returns the contact information of physicians and medical centers within Stryker’s database of spine providers (or so it seems).  I am not entirely certain how this list is generated, but the medical offices that the app presents are all spine or pain centers.  The final section, sharing, is where the user can select documents (product guides) in the products section of the app and then send those apps via email.  Overall, the app is well-made and presents a plethora or medical information, device information, and patient education material in a relatively small and easy-to-navigate interface.  I recommend it for any provider using these devices or for patients interested in learning more about Stryker’s products.

Cost: Free
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