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Overall: 4+
Functionality: 4+
Coolness: 4

Like many other device company apps, the Synthes app can serve as a library and educational resource for surgeons and trainees with regards to Synthes products.  The app is not exclusively for orthopaedic surgeons, and also includes CMF and Vet products, in addition to their Trauma and Spine product lines.  The app comes in both iPad and iPhone versions, which each have navigation interfaces designed specifically for the size of each device. On the iPhone, navigation is simple and consistent with other Synthes product websites by allowing the user to view Key Technologies, Browse by Anatomy, Synthes Solutions, Clinical Resources, and General Resources.  As the user advances through the drill-down navigation screens, more information and more options are provided including images, AO classification systems for the relevant body part, and case studies demonstrating use of their products.  The app is clearly designed for providers, not patients, and hosts a wealth of information that ranges from general tips and techniques to useful images and guides for specific products.  Useful features include in-app links to the Synthes Resident program, Synthes, and the ability to search the app for a particular product. One limitation of the app is that it requires updates on a weekly basis, which can be frustrating when trying to access information quickly.  Otherwise, the app is well-made, complete, and provides useful information to any surgeon who uses Synthes products.

Cost: Free
Download Synthes Here