OITE Strategy

Jan 14, 2012   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, Android Apps, Free, General Ortho, iPhone Apps, Residents, Study/Review  //  Comments Off on OITE Strategy
Overall: 2+
Functionality: 2
Coolness: 2+


This app, available only for iPhone and Android, provides free advice for orthopaedic residents taking the orthopaedic in-training exam (OITE).  The app is divided into 4 sections: topics, resources, method, and contact.  The topics include valuable information regarding the prevalence of particular types of questions based on published data. For example, the Tumor sub-heading provides the user with the most commonly tested orthopaedic tumors for the past 10 years. Other sub-headings estimate the number of questions expected to be on a given test. The resources section provides a useful list of peer-reviewed publications that address OITE-related topics, such as analyses of the most commonly tested topics, as well as the average scores for the 2009 exam. The Methods section reviews general multiple-choice techniques, and the contact section provides a phone number, email and website: www.bonetumor.org.  Interestingly, the site appears to be an incredibly detailed, expansive, and valuable listing of bone tumors and their presentation, diagnosis, and treatment accompanied by xray and pathologic images.  Overall, this app provides interesting and useful information for orthopaedic residents and provides additional resources for more information.  When testing on an iPhone, the app ran surprisingly slow and required nearly 15 seconds to initiate.  The app appears to be a “teaser” app encouraging residents to purchase other apps by the same developer, OITE Tumor and OITE Buzzwords.


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