Orthopedics Encyclopedia

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Overall: 2+
Functionality: 2
Coolness: 2+


This app attempts to serve as a limited orthopedic encyclopedia.  In that regard, it accomplishes its goal as a first-stop overview for a variety of broad orthopaedic conditions and diseases.  The app includes 21 topics, such as the human skeleton, clubfoot, orthotics, knee, tendon, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  One immediately recognizes that the selection of included topics and joints seems quite arbitrary.  Selecting any individual topic, however, returns an incredibly detailed and complete description of any particular topic with a series of sub-headings and associated images.  For example, the topic “Muscle” includes subheadings such as embryology, muscle types, anatomy, physiology, nervous control, exercise, disease, atrophy, strength, efficiency, and evolution.  The data presented includes very specific information, such as the precise density of muscle or skeletal muscle metabolism at rest.  However, despite this impressive collection of data, the unusual organization of the topics and the document-like format of the information prevents easy reference of information.  Without a search function, this app offers little more  than the title suggests: a single-use orthopaedic encyclopedia, but cannot function as a versatile reference.  Overall, the app may be useful to a student interested in musculoskeletal medicine interested in reading a brief overview of a variety of orthopaedic topics.


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