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An-all inclusive physical exam and special test app including images, videos, and artwork to demonstrate the proper execution of each test.

Overall: 4+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4

This app is a comprehensive mobile orthopaedic guide that includes physical exam tests and mobilizations.  Although the app can be downloaded for free, only a limited number of exam tests and mobilizations are available until the $14.99 in-app purchase is made.  The app includes over 200 special physical exam tests, separated by body part.  For example, rotator cuff tests are divided by muscle, and subscapularis tests include lift-off (Gerber), internal rotation lag, belly press, belly-off, and bear-hug.  Each test includes a picture demonstrating the test, a brief description of the technique and interpretation, and Stat/Ref which summarizes the clinical evidence supporting the test’s sensitivity, specificity, and +/- liklihood ratios (with references provided).  A great feature is the addition of video for many of the tests.  The mobilizations section includes over 80 techniques images and descriptions.

The app underwent a recent update which now includes medical screening tests to rule out visceral pathology, impressive dermatome artwork, deep tendon reflex testing, C-spine screens such as NEXUS and Canadian spine rules, agility-functional testing for the lower extremity, and enhanced reference list to > 1100 sources, statistical data that includes clustering of ortho tests to enhance evidence-based clinical decision making.  And, if a desired test is not available, the app includes an “add your own test” section.

Overall, the app is best designed for medical students or junior residents who are learning the orthopaedic physical exam and special tests.  The app is very high quality for the extensive information and value it provides.

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