Orthopaedics Pro

Feb 2, 2012   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, General Ortho, iPhone Apps, Residents, Study/Review, Under $1, Under $10, Under $5  //  Comments Off on Orthopaedics Pro
Overall: 2+
Functionality: 2+
Coolness: 2


This app is an attempt at an all-inclusive orthopaedics study tool.  The menu is organized into flashcards, true/fales (500 questions) and single best answer (106 questions).  The flashcards are not merely “factoids” of information, rather they are complete paragraphs of text information for every subject.  The app certainly contains a lot of information, but is also difficult to navigate at times.  The information is inconsistent, and at times impressive.  For example, the subheading “calcaneus fracture” includes reference to normal Bohler’s angle and normal Angle of Gissane.  It also includes Sander’s classification (text only), Zwipp classification, principles of fixation, reports Letournel’s results, and provides Essex-Lopresti’s subtypes.  However, the format is difficult to read and organize in one’s mind.  The true/false section is a sequential series of true/false questions that must be completed in order.  The single best answer section must also be completed in order.  Both of these sections suffer from a poor user interface, however the questions and explanations are good and very complete. Overall, the app is a good first attempt at a review/flashcard app, but would greatly benefit from an interface overhaul which is currently the apps greatest weakness.

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