BoneTest Miscellaneous 11

Feb 20, 2012   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, Clinicians, iPhone Apps, Lower, Residents, Students, Study/Review, Trauma, Tumor, Under $10  //  Comments Off on BoneTest Miscellaneous 11
Overall: 2-
Functionality: 2
Coolness: 1

Part of an entire suite of BoneTest apps created for test review, the Miscellaneous app includes 50 questions that cover Trauma, Oncology, Basic Science, and Foot & Ankle topics.  The app is simplistically organized as a list of questions, labeled from 1-50.  There is no “test” mode or a way to randomize the question order.  Selecting any given question presents the question and answer options (standard multiple choice, true false, fill-in-the-blank, etc.) with associated images, when appropriate.  Questions and answer choices are clearly presented, but the question format does not reflect OITE or OSAS questions despite many of the questions appearing to be most appropriate for orthopaedic residents and surgeons (too advanced for students, in many cases).  One nice feature is that a brief explanation is provided for every answer choice (incorrect as well correct answers).  References have been provided for every question, but are often vague, and refer only to a book (OKU 9) without chapter or page number.  Lastly, a significant limitation of this app is that once an answer is selected, it can never be “unselected,” implying that this app is “one time use, only.”  Overall, this app is too advanced for students, but is not ideally organized for residents or surgeons by not allowing for question randomization or resetting the questions.

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