Knee Pain

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Overall: 3+
Functionality: 2+
Coolness: 3

Knee Pain is an app “course” created by Dr. Eric Gozna to teach his mnemonic for the 10 most common sources of knee pain: “four thought” on the knee.  The app is actually a narrated slideshow format that auto-advances through 55 slides of informational slides that include descriptions of the anatomy, as well as information about the pathology, the presentation, the diagnosis and treatment.  Some slides include video examples of a clinical exam, and some slides include review questions to reinforce concepts and lessons.  The concept of the app is novel.  Dr. Gozna’s credentials are listed on the site (an orthopaedic surgeon in Canada), however the information presented may be more credible if endorsed by an orthopaedic society.  Overall, the presentation is clear and may be most useful to students, non-orthopaedic providers, or patients interested in learning more about knee pain in a community-based practice.

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