Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual

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Overall: 4
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

This app is a journal reader for issues of the Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual by Hospital Physician. At the time of review (March 2012), the app includes 6 issues: Patellofemoral Pain, Thermal Injuries in the Extremities, Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head, etc.  Each “issue” reads like a regular journal with advertisements, a table of contents, and full journal contents.  However, because each issue is on a single topic, the contents include an introduction, anatomy, pathogenesis, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, etc.  The app is clear, quick, and easy to navigate.  The articles are easy to read and include a plethora of useful information.  Although it is not clear whether this will remain free in the future – it is currently available at no cost and supported by advertising.

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