Best iPad Apps

Mar 26, 2012   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps  //  Comments Off on Best iPad Apps

 You just bought a new iPad and now you need some Ortho Apps!?!?  Start here:

iPad is the ideal clinical tool for personal education (journals and peer-review), surgical preparation (device/implant literature), patient teaching (animations and drawings), and clinical care.

First, you need a PDF reader to review your collection of scientific papers.  iBooks can do the trick in a pinch, but I prefer iAnnotate or GoodReader, which both connect with Dropbox (another great app) or via wifi to your home computer allowing for library synchronization.  They each include a plethora of annotation tools such as highlight or underline.  iAnnotate has a much more robust full-text search feature, and in my opinion is worth the extra $5.  A few journals have been released for iPad, including Spine and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (both free right now), for full-text browsing.  The Hospital Physician Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual is also available for free, and seems to have good educational information.

Surgical preparation tools and implant literature can be found with a number of device-company sponsored apps.  All are free, and some go far beyond a collection of technique guides by including full 3D animations for how to perform procedures.  Start by taking a look at: Zimmer 411, ARIA Spine, inMotion, DePuy Spine, Sigma Knee Replacement, Aesculap OrthoPilot, Flipchart and Flipchart Spine, Synthes, or Biomet Bone Model.

The iPad is quickly demonstrating its utility as a patient education tool.  Apps KneeDecide, ShoulderDecide, HandDecide, SpineDecide, FootDecide and AgingSpine offer an impressive collection of pathology, animation, imaging, and descriptions of the most common diagnoses with complete patient information.  DrawMD Orthopedics is a tool that incorporates illustrated stamps to teach patients about their condition and treatment.

Lastly, iPads are increasingly being used for direct patient care.  A quick search of the app store reveals tools for maintaining an inpatient list, viewing xray images, performing an OR checklist, and even using your iPad in the OR.  I encourage you to search this site and others for apps that you might find most useful.