3D Consultation

May 26, 2012   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps, Clinical, General Ortho, iPad Apps, Patients  //  Comments Off on 3D Consultation


Animated 3D anatomy videos demonstrated common orthopaedic pathology.

Overall: 4
Functionality: 4-
Coolness: 4+

3D Consultation is a patient-education based tool that demonstrates orthopaedic pathologies using animated anatomical models.  The app is organized in a simple fashion with a list of Conditions on the left, which include body parts such as ankle, piriformis, hip degenerations, etc. as well as expandable categories such as knee, foot, and shoulder that include sub-categories for related injuries. For example, the shoulder sub-category includes AC joint adhesions, impingement, rotator cuff injury, and adhesive capsulitis.  When a condition is selected, the user sees a relevant 3-dimensional anatomical model on the screen with the option to “play.”  The video then plays a 10-15 second anatomic demonstration of the named pathology.  The videos are clear, concise, and educational.  Additional features within the app include the ability to email a screenshot image or markup the video with text or drawings.  The markups can later be deleted.  One unfortunate limitation is that the markup tools are limited only to a single color.  Overall, this is a simple visual educational tool for physicians and patients to better demonstrate common pathology.

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