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A list-based reference of orthopaedic classification systems from the creator of NeuroMind, one of the top Neurosurgery apps.

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 3+
Coolness: 3

From the creator of top-app NeuroMind, this app attempts to provide a comprehensive list of orthopaedic classification systems and decision support for orthopaedic surgeons and trainees.  The app is organized into 3 sections: scores, decision support, and “other.”  Currently the app is in its infancy and is limited by the number of scores available, as well as a lack of images.  In total, this app currently contains over 100 scoring and classification systems.  The list is organized by body part, and for the most part, many of the most common systems are included.  Unfortunately, the app is limited by the fact that there are no images provided to assist with fracture descriptions, which are relatively succinct and difficult to understand if not already familiar with a particular injury scoring system.  The decision support tab provides assistive scoring tools for 9 different injuries, including SLIC, TLICS, and stroke risk in AF.  These are definitely helpful.  The “other” section includes links to a safe surgery checklist as well as the TEDx talk given by the app’s creator, Pieter Kubben.  Overall, this app is most appropriate for surgeons already familiar with a particular classification system and who need a reminder about the details.

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