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An orthopaedic trauma literature search tool organized by body part and published by the AO foundation to organize peer-review articles and evaluate levels of evidence.

Overall: 4+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4

AO Foundation has created a unique and useful tool that is a great resource for residents, students,  and orthopaedic surgeons alike.  Organized by body part (with a familiar appearance to those who use the AO Surgery app), this app has classified over 5500 peer-reviewed articles applicable to the treatment of orthopaedic fractures.  The user can search by body part as well as key word, and can presumably find relevant articles related to specific trauma topics.  The search algorithm appears to apply to the title, as well as the abstract.  In addition, the app easily identifies the level of evidence for each article, provides the full abstract, and links to the Pubmed abstract.  Overall, while smart phones are typically not the platform of choice to browse the literature, this app is certainly worth a look.

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