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A full featured app with fantastic images and information for providers and patients, as well as a drawing utility and notes/calendar sections.

Overall: 5
Functionality: 3+
Coolness: 4

This full-featured app contains a vast library of valuable images, text, and features that would be useful to surgeons, trainees, and patients.  The unassuming format includes sections for doctors, patients, and utilities.  Doctors have a number of choices, including anatomy, operative approaches, examination, tests, outcomes scores, and more.  Each category includes subsections with concise and relevant text and images.  For example, the operative approach section is very good, and includes detailed images useful for a quick review before a case; it even includes “dangers” to watch out for.  The Scores section includes a quick reference for the Constant, UCLA Shoulder, Rowe, ISIS, QuickDASH, and Oxford questionnaires.  Every section I explored included more and more useful information.  The “Patients” section is equally expansive with 10 of the most common categories of shoulder pathology presented with images and text.  Lastly, the utilities include a drawing board to demonstrate rotator cuff pathology, a voice notes recorder, personal text notes, and a calendar.  The practical utility of these functions is unclear, but I was impressed that the developer went through the effort to include these added features.  Overall, the app could benefit from a redesign, but the information hidden within the clunky navigation system is very good.

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