Bone and Joint

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Full-featured app for reviewing and sharing JBJS (British), Bone & Joint Research, and Bone & Joint 360.

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4+

The British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery has also leapt into the mobile world with Bone and Joint, an iPad and iPhone app for viewing their collection of publications: The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British), Bone & Joint Research, and Bone & Joint360. The app is available for free, however the full text version requires either a personal subscription or institutional access.  The reading pane includes a sidebar for browsing the current or previous issue organized by table of contents.  When an article is selected, the user can either view “abstract” or “full text.”  The full-text version appears in a condensed format, with tables and figures accessible via direct links.  In addition, all references can be directly tapped to link directly to the abstract.  The user can also choose to “download PDF” which opens the document with options for full screen viewing as well as sharing.  The share feature is surprisingly functional: the app generates an email that attaches the full-text PDF article.  Other features contained within the app include the ability to view only images and figures, select articles as favorites, full-text search capabilities, and history browsing.  All three journals named above are viewed in the same format, however users only have access to journals that are specifically included in their personal or institutional access.  Overall, very smooth integration of multiple journals and institutional access.  The ability to directly attach PDF articles to emails is a very useful feature.

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