JBJS ImageQuiz

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Full-featured app including JBJS Image Quiz case reports, questions, images, and discussion about the case, the pathology, and appropriate treatment.

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4+

This app provides access to JBJS’s bi-monthly “Image Quizzes” that appear in the printed journal.  The app is well-designed and easy to navigate. All cases are presented in thumbnail format and, as of writing, the current version includes 54 cases.  Each case includes 3 sections: Question, Answer, and Discussion.  The question section includes a detailed case history as well as a number of relevant images which load quickly and clearly on the iPad.  The “quiz” appears to the left of the screen with a single question and multiple-choice options.  Interestingly, the user has the option of choosing “how others chose” to see the answers selected by other quiz takers.  This can be done either before or after making your own selection.  Once an answer is submitted, the user automatically advances to the “answer” section if correct, and is presented with a brief explanation.  Selecting “learn more in the discussion,” provides a more thorough explanation of the disease process and relevant clinical pearls.    Overall, the app is very clear and runs smoothly on the device.  At a price of $0.99, the app is somewhat of an enigma.  To those who already subscribe to JBJS, it seems odd that the journal would charge for access to these cases. While, for those who do not currently have a subscription, $0.99 for unlimited clinical cases and explanations is a phenomenal value.

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