AAOS eBooks

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Full-featured app for downloading and reading books in your AAOS bookshelf library. Text and images are all very clean and apps runs smoothly.

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4+

AAOS eBooks, that provides mobile access to titles purchased from their web-based store. As of writing, the store includes 8 popular titles, but is expected to increase to over 30 titles within the next few months.  Unfortunately purchases cannot be made directly through the app, but rather must be paid for on the website.  In addition, although the app asks users to log in via their AAOS username and password, this is an error and rather users must register at the AAOS eBookstore website (www.ebooks.aaos.org) to gain login information. After logging in, users can view the books they have purchased and can download them selectively, ranging in size from about 10-80 Mb.  Once downloaded, the text viewer has typical options, including the ability to change the font, change text size, adjust brightness, highlight text, make notes, and place bookmarks.  The annotation functions are primitive, at best, and even the instructions for highlighting require 4 separate steps each time.  The books themselves are of high quality, text is crisp, and images are clear, however the user cannot increase the image size, which often prevents fully appreciating many of the detailed illustrations.  Because books are downloaded to the device, they are accessible even without internet access, which is a valuable feature.  The app is still primitive in its feature set and title selection.  In addition, some books, such as OKU 10, already ship with a CD that includes a digital PDF version of the book, which is much easier to read and annotate using any of the popular PDF readers for mobile devices.

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