Ankle & Foot Pro III

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Full-featured 3D anatomy models with support for 3D rotation, various anatomy layers, cross-sectional slices, annotations, and video demonstrations.

Overall: 5+
Functionality: 5+
Coolness: 5+

Ankle & Foot Pro III is part of the 3D4Medical’s suite of full-featured anatomy apps.  All of their apps follow a similar and intuitive format.  The relevant body part is presented with skin covering, and different anatomical layers can then be “unwrapped” sequentially through the body.  The level of detail and anatomical accuracy of all muscles, tendons, vessels, nerves, ligaments and bones is impressive.  In addition to the different layers, the view can be manipulated freely.  All body parts can be rotated in the horizontal plan through 360 degrees rotation.  In addition, axial, coronal, and sagittal slices can be taken through various levels of each joint or body part.  The app includes “pins” which already identify every possible structure of every layer.  In addition, most of the apps in the series include videos demonstrating relevant surgical procedures or common pathologies.  These demonstrations are very high quality.  The app includes a “pen” feature for drawing on the screen, however doodles are not saved and disappear once the pen is turned off.  There is even a separate button to turn vessels on and off.  Overall, the entire suite of 3D4Medical anatomy apps are the best anatomy models we have seen yet, based on their accuracy, level of control, and video demonstrations.  Ideal for health care students and possibly even for surgical preparation.

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