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A light-weight splinting reference designed for emergency department physicians.

Overall: 4-
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

iSplint has features not present in other splinting apps, including fully native videos demonstrating splint application.  The app was created by an emergency medicine physician at George Washington University, giving it credibility.  Unfortunately, the selection of splints is limited to thumb spica, triple S, radial gutter, dorsal hand, sugar tong (upper extremity), posterior ankle, and sugar tong (lower extremity).  Aside from non-traditional orthopaedic terminology for some of these splints, the application of splints are all demonstrated using fiberglass with minimal padding.  This is somewhat of a deviation from traditional orthopaedic splint application.  In addition to the video demonstration, there is a “discussion” for each splint which links to a table that offers an image of the applied splint, application tips, and provides very brief indications.  Overall, this app is focused more towards emergency department staff, as advertised.  However, orthopaedic providers should be aware of this application and consider recommending it to colleague for simple splint applications.

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