Nerve Whiz

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Extraordinary app with detailed and complete information about the brachial and lumbar plexes, including innervation, sensory distribution, and sites of compression.

Overall: 5+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 5+

Developed by Zach London, MD from University of Michigan, Nerve Whiz is one of the most useful and intuitive nerve reference resources I have come across.  The app includes complete information about the course, branches, innervation, sensory distribution, and sites of compression of the brachial plexus (C5-T1) and lumbar plexus (L2-S2).  The app has multiple sections with hidden gems.  “Chart” includes a complete listing of all data, organized by either upper or lower extremity and sorted by muscle, nerve, roots, action, trunk, or cord.  The next feature is an incredible “muscle localizer” and uses an intuitive algorithm to provide the site of injury after the user selects muscles that are injured.  For example, selecting a weak “deltoid” returns localization to either C5, C6, upper trunk, posterior cord, or axillary nerve.  The diagram section utilizes a brachial plexus diagram and highlights the selected area of interest – the diagram is both intuitive and complete.  The final section, “sensory,” allows the user to point to an area of sensory loss and returns a list of potential roots and nerves that may be injured, with associated dermatome diagrams.  Overall, this extraordinary reference app should be in the pocket of every medical student and orthopaedic, neurologic, or neurosurgical trainee.

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