Goniometer Pro (G-Pro)

Aug 29, 2013   //   by John Andrawis   //   All Apps, Android Apps, Clinical, General Ortho, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Products, Utilities  //  Comments Off on Goniometer Pro (G-Pro)

Goniometer mobile application

Overall: 3
Functionality: 4+
Coolness: 3+

This Goniometer app was developed by 5fuf5 and is one of many goniometer apps in the marketplace.  Goniometer PRO uses a simple visual tool to help providers mimic a standard clinical goniometer if one is not available.  While I initially struggled using the app, a very well done you-tube video clearly taught me how easiy it is to use. The app allows users to save angle measurements in a memory bank.   Users are able to use the app in the free preview mode, but after 12 uses you are forced to buy the unlimited version which is $14.99. While the app is an excellent tool and visually stimulating at this high of a sticker price there are other apps out there which work the same.

Overall a useful goniometer app with a high pricetag


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