AO Spine Principles

Aug 31, 2013   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, Free, iPad Apps, Reference, Residents, Spine, Trauma  //  Comments Off on AO Spine Principles

A visually impressive description of AO Spine treatment principles.

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 3

This simple and lightweight app includes basic information about the AO Spine principles.  The app is divided into 3 main sections: the home screen, principles, and details. There are 6 different classifications: trauma, tumor, deformity, degeneration, infection, and metabolic/inflammatory/genetic.  Selecting each section then includes a rotating wheel describing each of the 4 principles: stability, alignment, biology, and function.  The information provided is general and broad, and does not serve as a useful resource.  However, as a single download and review, this is somewhat interesting.

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