Orthopaedic Nursing Journal

Aug 31, 2013   //   by Orrin Franko   //   Academic, All Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, Free, General Ortho, iPad Apps, Journals/Books  //  Comments Off on Orthopaedic Nursing Journal

Mobile access to the orthopaedic nursing journal.

Overall: 4
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

The Journal of Orthopaedic Nursing is part of a series of digital journal conversions.  This simple, intuitive, and sleek app allows users to download complete issues of the journal and browse full articles.  The app is organized into the “library” – which shows all journal issues – and the “viewer” – where journals can be read.  The journal is presented in entirety, including the table of contents and advertisements.  The key feature, however, is the integration of links among the table of contents, emailing links, posting to twitter and facebook, and hopefully the future integration of digital media.  Currently, the app and journals are offered for free, however a subscription will likely be required in the future. For now, though, download the app and benefit from this fantastic resource.

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