Orthopedics Glossary

Aug 31, 2013   //   by Orrin Franko   //   All Apps, Clinical, General Ortho, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Patients, Under $1  //  Comments Off on Orthopedics Glossary

A simple glossary for medical terms related to orthopaedic surgery

Overall: 2
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 1

This app is very simple: it provides brief descriptions and definitions for common orthopaedic terms.  In total, the app includes nearly 500 generic medical terms. Descriptions typically include one sentence.  There are no images or figures that I could find in the app.  The app has additional functionality including the ability to record notes and audio notes.  There is also the ability to share the information in an email as well as save terms as a “favorite.”  The app would be useful to members of the general public who need to define orthopaedic conditions.  But, to be quite honest, the definitions are very limited and for $0.99 better answers could be found via Google and Wikipedia.

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