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Photo app for goniometer measurements

Overall: 2
Functionality: 1
Coolness: 3

Photogoniometer is another goniometer app that uses photos to help practitioners measure limb angle. The app uses an innovative method of measuring angles where you first take a photo with the limb extended and then take a second photo with the limb flexed. The images are then superimposed and the limb angle is calculated. While this is a creative way to measure range of motion this app is much more difficult to use than having to actually take a goniometer out of your pocket to measure range of motion angles. Taking photos and then still having to measure the range of motion takes more steps than quickly measuring it in your office. I like how the app developers attempted to be creative with goniometer measurements, but it is not very easy to use. There is a light version that is free for users with advertising, but the paid version is only $0.99 and allows you to save photos. Maybe something researchers would use to save information? A creative goniometer app that is not very useful.

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