JBJS Reviews

Jan 12, 2014   //   by John Andrawis   //   Academic, All Apps, Clinical, Clinicians, Free, General Ortho, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Journals/Books, Recent Reviews, Reference, Subscription  //  Comments Off on JBJS Reviews
Overall: 4
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has added a new publication to their portfolio. JBJS Reviews is a dedicated online journal meant to publish clinical information in a mobile/web based format. As a result JBJS has created a new app meant to serve as the platform through which JBJS Reviews will be presented to mobile readers. JBJS’s  app has an easy to use interface that allows readers to search, create favorites and follow recent articles they have looked up. In addition, while I commonly give Journals a difficult time for using an inferior pdf viewer to read articles. JBJS Reviews allows the reader to download the pdf and read the article in any pdf viewer of their choosing. The interface to read the articles is a little buggy as buttons overlap one another. Hopefully with the next version of this app they will improve the article viewing options. Overall, a well made app that will definitely be used by the readership of the JBJS.

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