PingMD (updated)

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HIPAA compliant messaging

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 5

PingMD is a creative app to help providers securely and efficiently communicate with patients and other providers. This app creates HIPAA compliant text-messaging. If you did not know, text messaging through your phone provider does not meet HIPAA compliance guidelines. As a result, PingMD was created to fill this void. Overall the app is very user friendly and has a clean interface. Patients and other coworkers can send messages, photos and videos to help communicate with one another. The main criticism with PingMD in my prior review was that it was cumbersome to find other coworkers and patients. *PingMD has just released an update that allows users to easily find coworkers through their current phone contact list.* This update is a powerful move by PingMD. This network based app depends on other providers and patients using the app for it to be successful. Over time as more hospital systems adapt and integrate mobile health solutions this app will likely becoming an everyday part of patient and physician interactions. 

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