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Medical Translator App

Overall: 5
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 5

MediBabble is a powerful translation tool to help providers communicate with non-English speaking patients. There are many apps that provide translation tools to providers, but I have to say MediBabble is the best one on the market (and its free!). MediBabble differentiates itself with a robust database of pertinent medical phrases (including orthopaedic ones) organized in a standardized history-taking format. It does not require the user to be connected to the internet and it actually has medical phrases that are spoken to the patient from your phone. This app is probably best for intermediate language speakers who do not have the medical vocabulary to perform a complete history. Having tried the app myself I found it extremely useful as many of the phrases allow me to ask the patient close ended questions that I didn’t know ask with my mediocre spanish. Currently the app is available in Chinese, French, German Haitian Creole and Russian. Overall, a fantastic app that will help mediocre language speakers with history taking. I just wish the app would translate all that the patient was saying for me……..  but I guess that is called using translator services.

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Android —————— Unavailable