Orthopaedics 365

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Clinical daily pearls regarding the most recent and evidence-based tips for orthopaedic surgeons.

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

This app is a creative way to stay fresh with some of the most pertinent and evidence-based topics in orthopaedic surgery. Created by a current orthopaedic chief resident, the app has a very simple interface.  It presents itself as a calendar with “365 clinical pearls” that are delivered to the user daily via a push-notification at a designated time.  Each pearl can be shared with colleagues via text, email, or twitter and includes a reference to a relevant journal article. In addition to daily push notifications, the user can also browse through the calendar to read additional pearls.  Thus, this serves as a primitive collection of study facts or flashcards. Unfortunately, the functionality is limited since they are not sorted by topic. Overall, the app does a good job of its stated purpose, which is to deliver a new orthopaedic fact every day.

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