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Overall: 3
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 3

Orthokeys is an innovative orthopaedic app with a variety of tools ranging from  a thorough library of fracture classifications, a templating program based on known  classification patterns and a note section that allows you to share cases with others. The most impressive feature of the app is a clever photo tool that allows you to template fracture patterns using the injury classification library and layer it on top of the xray all on your iPhone or iPad. I applaud the developer for including both pediatric and adult fracture patterns making this one of the few apps to include pediatric fracture classification. However once you have templated the fracture pattern you are not able to template implants to help assess which size hardware you may need. Additional tools include an online Orthopaedic browser that does not have strong search capability and a surgical implant directory that lacks much needed information. Overall, this app has many useful features which could be more thorough and integrated better with the rest of the app.

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