AAOS Musculoskeletal Exam – Spine

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Simple app made by the AAOS to learn the spine exam

Overall: 3
Functionality: 3
Coolness: 2

I commend the AAOS’ effort to create mobile educational material for students and trainees, which includes this simple app for learning the spine exam.  This app has a very simple structural layout in list form that presents the spine exam: standing/seated/supine/prone examination, Waddel signs, cervical spine muscle testing and cervical spine range of motion testing.  Each part of the exam includes a description, instructions and video.  In addition, references are provided for further reading. However, despite the useful information presented here, the app is bare and lacks much depth.  The user interface is unfortunately too simple and somewhat uninviting.  Overall, the content includes 46 total exam maneuvers.  At a cost of $9, this is quite a high price considering other apps that include more information and detail at a better value.  I hope that this app will be expanded upon and improved in future versions.

iPhone $8.99 Download
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