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A serious game for simulating orthopaedic surgery.

Overall: 4+
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 5+

The BoneDoc app is marketed as “a serious game” and functions as an interactive and educational orthopaedic surgery tool.  The game was created by Dr. Phil Blyth from New Zealand and represents many accuracies of hip surgery.

The app layout is a list of patients that need surgery.  The first case, for example, is a hip fracture that requires fixation. The surgeon must walk through every step of the operation, beginning with setting up the traction properly.  Xrays are available as the traction is adjusted to ensure that a proper reduction is obtained. Once complete the surgeon then moves on to the incision, as well as placement of the hardware.  Xrays are used throughout the “operation” to ensure the proper alignment and orientation of hardware.  Once finished, the surgeon receives a score for every aspect of the case, and is reimbursed appropriately.

The game is very impressive due to the attention of detail that has been placed, as well as the realistic physics and challenges inherent with fixing a hip fracture.  I applaud the developers for creating a challenging and educational app for surgeon education.  I look forward to future releases with additional fracture options.

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