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HIPAA compliant secure collaboration platform for surgeons

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 5

DocSpera is a company and app developed specifically for collaboration and case sharing among medical professionals.  With an orthopaedic surgeon co-founder, it has been tailored for the proceduralist, and functions well as a networking and case-sharing tool for surgeons.

The app requires registration as a verified physician. Once complete, all functionality is available for free, including access to the contact list, invitations to join specific networks, the ability to upload documents and images to a personal filing cabinet, and messaging features.  Some of the most useful features include the ability to create a personal network for a practice, society, or specialty interest group.  Discussion threads can be initiated by any group member and are visible only to those within the group.  In addition, because of its HIPAA compliant standards, specific patient information is secure through the platform and protected for public view.

Overall, DocSpera is a great solution for practices or providers looking to collaborate and share information about patients and cases.

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