Touch Surgery

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3-D Surgical Simulation App        

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 5

Touch Surgery is a 3-D surgical simulation app to help surgeons/assistants/students become more familiar with particular surgical procedures in their respective field. The app has recently been updated and now offers an even larger library of fundamental orthopaedic procedures that you can download onto your device. The visual clarity and upgrades have drastically improved over the last year. Once you have downloaded the procedure there is a simulation demo that takes you through a step by step demo. The simulation reviews patient set-up, incisions and which neurovascular structures to avoid as well as retractor placement using gestures you make on your device. Once you have completed the demo you can then test yourself through the procedure and see if you are improving your scores. Overall, the best surgical simulation app still out there. It has a clean interface and practical demos for learning orthopaedic residents and students. Some of the apps are 3-D modules which are better made for an iPAD. Hopefully more of the orthopaedics demo’s will be converted to a 3-D format.

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