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App to assist in measuring Upper Extremity range of motion from The Hand Center at the Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Associates

Overall: 2
Functionality: 2
Coolness: 2


Measure Whiz was created for use by Occupational Therapists to assist in measuring and recording upper extremity range of motion (ROM) using a mobile device. This app is intriguing as it leverages the phone’s gyroscope to measure angular differences in all three planes, but its usefulness is limited as it has minimal features, a large range of error, and is difficult to use for certain measurements. The app interface is very basic. From the home screen you can select ‘History’, ‘Range of Motion’, and ‘Assessment’. The ‘History’ and ‘Assessment’ options are just voice memos which can easily be record over accidentally.  The ROM options include Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, Shoulder, Digits with specific motion sub-options per joint. There is no option for lower extremity ROM measurements.

By selecting a specific joint and motion you can then measure the ROM live. Position the handset distal to the joint in a neutral position and press ‘Start’. Then allow the patient to move the body part being measured and then tap the ‘Finish’ Button. The ROM is displayed and updated live. The app does not lock the plane of measurement and allows ROM measurements in the X & Y plane simultaneously. This allows for different acceptable phone positions, but leads to errors in measurement with any movement out of plane. It is very sensitive & dependent on initial position when zeroed. Using the app can be difficult as you must stabilize the device against the body part being measured which can be difficult for wrist ROM and near impossible for digit ROM. It worked adequately for forearm, elbow and shoulder ROM.

A ‘New Patient’ button at the bottom of the homepage clears the app information. Multiple patient data is not supported and data is not saved for later. Data is lost when app is closed and there is no prompt when the ‘New Patient’ button is pressed, making it easy to accidentally clear the data. Overall the app is quite finicky. There are better goniometer apps out there and a real goniometer is probably better and more accurate.

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