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Mobile access to OrthoEvidence, including a reading list and full ACE reports

Overall: 5
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4+

OrthoEvidence is a new app that complements existing subscriptions to the OrthoEvidence product.  For more information, please see www.MyOrthoEvidence.com.  The premise of the platform is to provide “ACE” reports (Advanced Clinical Evidence Report) and improve evidence-based practice.  The app is an extension of the website and is very well designed and easy to use.

After logging in, the app has a home screen where recently added articles are populated in chronological order.  However, the menu allows for easy sorting by specialty as well.  When an article looks interesting to the reader, a quick “left swipe” allows for the option to add to reading list or add to favorites.  In this way, the user can easily scan new articles and select which ones should be saved for future review.  When ready to read, the reading and favorite lists are easy to access and list the selected articles. Impressively, the iPhone and iPad version sync with each other and selected readings on one device become available on the other (ie: select articles while “on the go” with your iPhone, but read them at a later time on your iPad). With one tap the ACE reports becomes immediately available.  For those who use OE, the ACE report has the same familiar appearance and includes links to the full text article (if available), a PubMed link, graphical representations of the Risk of Bias and Reporting score, and the synopsis and summary.  Added features include the ability to comment, rate the paper, and share via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.  The app also includes a robust search feature which includes a simple search (keyword) and advanced options (filter by date, score, bias, verification, or selected journals).  It is clear that the developers have taken every effort to create and intuitive, easy, and efficient app to complement their existing website.

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