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HIPAA-Compliant secure healthcare communication


Overall: 5
Functionality: 5+
Coolness: 5


This app is meant to remove fax and paper from cluttering your life. MedTunnel is trying to revolutionize the way the healthcare providers share and send information. This company has provided a service that protects patient privacy, but improves communication and makes your phone easy to use. Many apps already offer HIPAA compliant text or email tools via your phone. However, MedTunnel has given users the tools to make sharing information between physicians and patients more robust by giving users the ability to email or send documents. MedTunnel is one of the only HIPAA compliant messaging services that allow a user to take a photo with their phone and turn it into a pdf file and allow pdfs to be viewed and annotated, all on a phone. These two features make the app one of the best HIPAA compliant communication tools on the market. In addition the app is only a small portion of the larger desktop platform that has been created by MedTunnel. The desktop version allows users to have more control of their content and allow all files on any desktop running MedTunnel to securely be saved to the cloud. One concern about the app is you need the desktop version to set up some of the features and without setting these features the app is not the easiest to use.  For the app to be useful to you and your practice you would need the staff and other providers in your practice to adopt the app for the best use of these features. Overall an excellent HIPAA compliant communication app for healthcare professionals.


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