Ortho10 Pro

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Simple ICD-10 look-up for orthopaedic surgeons

Overall: 4+
Functionality: 5
Coolness: 4

Ortho10 is the first and only ICD-10 code look-up app specifically for orthopaedic surgeons.  The app has a very simple and intuitive interface which makes finding the proper code, and saving common codes, very easy to do.  Any user can easily find the proper code within less than 6 taps, regardless of any pre-existing knowledge of ICD-10. The app first opens to a list of body parts each on separate tiles.  Once a body part is selected, you have specific options relevant to that region, such as osteoarthritis, fracture, joint pain, sprain, etc.  As the user continues to drill down in choices they are prompted to select a more specific diagnosis, laterality of the injury or pathology, and the type of encounter (initial or subsequent, as required by ICD-10).  The user is then clearly presented with the diagnostic code and a description of the code.  At every level, there is the opportunity to move back up the selection tree and change a response.  And, once a code is selected, it can be saved in favorites for quick reference at a later time.  Overall, the app is easy to use and will be very important and useful as the mandatory transition to ICD-10 takes effect.  The app has already undergone revisions and improvements since its initial release, and we anticipate additional improvements and expansions.  There is currently a free version with all codes but limited additional features, as well as a paid version with enhancements such as “favorites” and “recently used” codes.

Free version:

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Pro Version:

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