Orthopedics Patient Education by CoherentRX

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Orthopedics Patient Education by CoherentRX   

Anatomy and Educational tool 

Overall: 3
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

CoherentRX  has created an app to help orthopaedic surgeons and their workforce improve patient education and comprehension. CoherentRX Orthopedics has multiple features: 3-D anatomy visuals, drawing tools to mark visuals, photo and screenshot uploads as well as text and email info that is HIPAA compliant. While all of these features are powerful tools the app lacks ease to use. CoherentRX Orthopedics is very well priced $2.99/year (one of the cheaper patient educational options) however it is not the best patient educational tool on the market. While it has multiple features that are useful, the lack of disease specifics educational modules makes it difficult to actually use in practice. I applaud CoherentRX on making an Orthopedic app that has the potential to improve patient comprehension and education, however the app is still behind other players in the market.

iPhone $2.99/month Download
iPad $2.99/month Download
Android —————— Unavailable