OrthoBullets: Bullets*

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OrthoBullets’ stand-alone and companion app with study material, images, questions, and quizzes

Overall: 5+
Functionality: 5+
Coolness: 5

OrthoBullets has scored a home run with their new Bullets* app available from the iTunes store.  This app is can be used as a companion app to the existing OrthoBullets website, but also functions extraordinarily well as a stand-alone resource.  The app consists of 5 sections: Topics, QBank, Cases, Evidence and PASS.  The topics section includes all information on the OrthoBullets site, separated in the same familiar lists and easily searched by keyword.  I found the search and browsing to be very fast and intuitive.  Importantly, each topic includes the same figures, diagrams, and questions associated with the web version to help learn concepts through the VEPTR technique.

The QBank also integrates with your existing online login and automatically transfers over your existing TestMaster scores and personal tests.  It also allows you to create new tests which can be defined by test style, topics, number of questions, etc.  The format will be very familiar to existing OrthoBullets users.

The cases will be familiar to any OrthoBullets user, and includes a presentation, images, and the valuable comments and discussion that ensures.  One of the newest features includes the ability to select “Evidence” to support an answer to a question, greatly enhancing the validity and value of this service.  The evidence can also be searched independently, and by specialty.  All of this is seamlessly integrated into the mobile format.

Lastly, the PASS section is available to residents who already use the PASS system in their residency program.  While I could not test this section entirely, it appears to function similar to the website equivalent.

Overall, the Bullets* app is a full-featured educational tool for any orthopaedic student, resident, fellow, or attending.  With quick and easy access to the entire OrthoBullets database combined with cases, quiz access and a versatile interface – I highly recommend this free app to everyone.

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